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Thieves Oil is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

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Thieves Essential Oil Testimonials

- Thieves Cleaner
- Mold - Household
- Mold - Internal/Lungs

It's a rough world we live in today. The germs, bacteria and respiratory viruses that surround us have never been stronger or more antibiotic-resistant.

That's why it's more important than ever to keep your body on alert against attacks to your immune system. Whether you're trying to battle the "bug" at the office or warding off household germs that family members leave behind, the arsenal of natural Thieves-enhanced products delivers positive antiseptic benefits to cleanse, calm and sooth you—body and soul.

Thieves Cleaner:

Window Washing
"When I lived on the beach in south Florida, a professional window washer shared his 'secret formula' for cleaning windows with little effort: add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water along with three to four drops of dishwashing liquid. I use two capfuls of Thieves® Household Cleaner instead of the dishwashing liquid; the film dissolves like magic! I use a small towel to apply the liquid and a squeegee to clean it off. Floor-to-ceiling windows sparkle in minutes!"
- Frances Fuller -7/13/07 issue of Young Living e-News

Garden Pests
"I used Thieves® Household Cleaner (diluted) to rid my English ivy plant of tiny black bugs. It killed the tiny bugs but not my plant! Also, I got raspberry juice on my off-white pants and tried a prewash spot cleaner on them with no results. I thought of the diluted Thieves cleaner and sprayed it directly on the raspberry spots, and right before my eyes saw them disappear. I ask my husband to come watch before it was all gone so he could be my witness. I just love this stuff."
- Joy Blanchard - 6/1/07 issue of Young Living e-News

Food Container Stains
"I tried diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner on a plastic bowl stained with tomato sauce, and the stain came right out! I always keep a spray bottle of diluted Thieves cleaner under my kitchen sink and clean my entire house with nothing but that. I would never be without it and feel confident that when my grandbabies are crawling around on the floor, it is clean."
- Kathy Heverin in 5/18/07 issue of Young Living e-News

Carpet Cleaner/Clothing Stains
"I have not found a strong all-purpose cleaner that works as well as Thieves® Household Cleaner. I used the Thieves cleaner to get out a huge NingXia Red® stain on a tan carpet that had been there for many weeks. It worked like a miracle. I couldn't even tell anything had been spilled. Since then, I have used diluted Thieves cleaner in a spray bottle to get out stains on all of my clothes.
- Corinne Allen in 5/4/07 issue of Young Living e-News
"I am a car enthusiast, and I get oil and grease all over my clothes all of the time. I spray Thieves® Household Cleaner on my greasy clothes, and it cleans the stains better than anything on the market!"
- Terry Hueffed in the 1.27/6 issue of Young Living e-News

Removes rust and calcium
"Thieves® Household Cleaner is a great product, and I don't know why it's not the only household cleaning product sold on this planet! I was getting ready to put my house on the market and needed to clean my furnace from rust and calcium build-up due to my AC unit. I didn't have any type of rust-removing product and saw the bottle of Thieves. The results were remarkable. Not only did it remove the rust and calcium, it did so with little effort! It even worked on removing the rust from the concrete basement floor. I am pleased beyond words with this product and am finding more and more ways to use it! I love the fragrance and the fact that it's natural so I'm not inhaling toxic chemicals. Thanks for great products that make life better and healthier to live!"
- David Mate in the 2/16/07 issue of Young Living e-News

Clogged Pipes
"I made the mistake of soaking my orchids in the bathroom sink. Over time, the silt settled in the pipes and they were completely clogged. No amount of plunging unclogged the mess of black mucky water. I poured a capful of Thieves® Household Cleaner down the drain, and it completely dissolved the mess. Truly amazing!"
- Sharon Thom in the 11/10/06 issue of Young Living e-News

Silk Plant Cleaning
"I had silk plants that had not been cleaned for a long time. I tried to use the silk plant spray from the store, and the plants still looked like they had a dirty film. So I got out my diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner and sprayed the leaves like I did with the silk plant spray. The dirt and grime rolled off the silk plant leaves, and they looked beautiful! I will no longer have to buy a separate silk plant cleaner. I just use Thieves."
- Allie Benson in the 10/20/06 issue of Young Living e-News

Remove Chewing Gum
GUM-BE-GONE* "One of my clients got gum inside the pocket of a school unifor shirt. I used Thieves® Household Cleaner undiluted right on the shirt, and the gum simply melted off!"
- Dawn Cable in the Sep 2006 issue of Essential Lifestyle

Stainless Steel
"I could not get my stainless steel refrigerator clean using anything until I used a diluted spray of Thieves® Household Cleanerand water. It works like a charm to wipe away those fingerprints!"
- Ivy Levinson in the 8/25/06 issue of Young Living e-News

Oven Cleaner
"I was cleaning my oven with chemicals; they were not getting my oven clean, so I thought I would try Thieves® Household Cleaner. I applied it straight from the bottle on the area that needed the most cleaning and left it for about five minutes. I went back to wipe it up, and it came up clean as a whistle. I could not believe it! I will no longer use chemicals to clean the oven. Thieves Household Cleaner does the trick!"
- Penny LeClair in the 8/18/06 issue of Young Living e-News

"Every fall, we get mold growing on the siding of our house, so last October, I cleaned a 4 ft. X 4 ft. area with Thieves® Household Cleaner. I sprayed it on, scrubbed it with a brush, waited five minutes, and sprayed it down with the hose. I showed my husband how clean it was, but he still chose to clean the rest of the side of the house with bleach. This October, I looked at that side of the house. Again, the seasonal mold is all over the siding...except for the 4 ft. X 4 ft. area I cleaned with Thieves last year!"
- Deb Bowman in the 11/23/05 issue of Young Living e-News

Mold residue in lungs
My client was exposed to mold while inspecting a building. Due to asthma he was taken to emergency room several times for respiratory treatments. First he tried diffusing RC and Eucalyptus radiata next to his bed and placing a couple of drops into palms of his hands and sniffing frequently. This produced lots of mucus and immediately he felt able to breathe better. Then we added Thieves to the regimen. He used these for several weeks. The doctors continued using their treatments also. He was scheduled to have his lungs scraped due to mold but when he arrived for the final MRI to locate the spot his lungs were clear.

Toe nail fungus My dad was having trouble with fungus in his large toe nails. We had tried everything and it was not getting better. Just for fun I started putting one drop of Thieves each day on the toenail and it has started to clear. The doctor that takes care of his feet has been amazed at the results and she is looking into the product. Thieves has been my constant companion and I put it in my lip gloss to ward off any viruses that may be around. This oil has been a life saver for me.

*Please test fabrics for color safety before applying essential oils. These tips come directly from a distributor and are passed on to you. The company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of these tips.

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