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In Praise of Thieves

Immunity from the Black Plague
Imagine you're back in England of the 15th century. It's the time of the Black Plague. As the bubonic plague decimated Europe in the year 1413, four thieves were captured and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims. When the thieves were tried, the magistrate offered leniency if they would reveal how they resisted contracting the infection as they performed their gruesome acts.

People everywhere are in a panic ... Death is coming to tens of thousands of people in the form of a highly contagious disease. Trusting no one except closest family members, people are avoiding contact with strangers. No one will allow you closer than yelling distance.

You soon learn entire villages are being burned in an effort to stop the advance of the plague. There is misery and heartache everywhere as people try to understand what is happening.

From outside of one empty village, you happen to see several men and women going from house to house. Apparently unconcerned for their health, they are carrying large bags and loading wagons with valuables taken from abandoned houses. You see them ... They're even robbing dead bodies that are lying about of any valuables the unfortunate souls may have had on them.

With horror and mystery you look on. How can human beings be so hardened and calloused, you wonder? Why is it not one of these morbid thieves becomes sick and dies of the plague?

The King of England wonders too, and has all 40 of them arrested and brought before him. What is their secret, he wants to know, for not contracting the plague? Given the choice of being burned alive or hanged, they tell him their secret.

They are perfumers ... all members of the same family from a long lineage of perfumers. With a knowledge passed down from generation to generation, they know certain plant oil extracts rubbed on their bodies will form a life-saving shield to protect them from any contagious disease.

Essential Oils ... In spite of the thieves morbid ways, the king and everyone are amazed over this information. But who could dispute their words? They were incontrovertible.

Hundreds of years later, a man named Gary Young would read about this account in history, long forgotten and tucked away in the Royal English Archives. Although the exact formula used by the thieves isn't stated, Gary knew perfumers of that day worked with spices of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove.

Using this information as a base, together with other knowledge, Gary went on to formulate a blend of essential oils designed to stop any virus or airborne bacteria from harming mankind. And so it is a modern day Thieves formula of essential oils is born. The main ingredients of Thieves are the essential oils isolated from Cinnamon bark, Rosmarinus officinalis, Eugenia caryophyllata, Eucalyptus radiata and Citrus limonum.

This issue of Essential Oils Options looks at research recently done with the Thieves formula, and gives you a sneak preview of an exciting new health product containing Thieves.


Effect of Diffused Thieves on Bacterial Bioaerosols


The importance of essential oils in the 20th Century cannot be overstated. We are entering an era of "super bugs" that modern medicine simply cannot stop. The threat this poses is omnimous. At every turn, nature is outsmarting pharmaceutical attempts to control killer pathogens. The end result, beyond suffering of humankind, is the embarrassment of a medical community - who prides itself on advances - that doesn't have a clue on how to put an end to the spread of microbial life-threatening diseases. Their only recourse is to wait for another generation of new drugs to come on the market, which history says the bugs will beat.

There is an answer ... But we can't afford to wait for modern medicine to find it. People by the millions are taking matters into their own hands (as well they should), by looking for answers to their own health problems allopathic medicine cannot supply. More and more, people are discovering the keys to good health lie within their own reach. More and more, people are turning to essential oils as word is made known about their therapeutic, healing qualities.

Still, there is the demanding need to test, to confirm the claims being made by aromatherapists and essential oil adherents. We know from anecdotal evidence and years of use that essential oils can do what no modern drug can do ... But we need to prove it.

Current Status...

In April of 1995, Young Living Essential Oils, Inc. established a working agreement to conduct joint-research with the chemistry and biochemistry departments at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. The university is currently conducting a comparative quality analysis on Young Living oils, as well as the oils from other companies.

In their Annual Research Report, Young Living and Weber State have proven the efficacy of many oils on viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus. The results of one experiment, "Effect of Diffused Thieves on Bacterial Bioaerosols," was accepted as a poster and presented at an international symposia, "Natural Product Analysis", held in Germany. The proceedings of the symposia are being published by Vieweg Publishers. Now here is an abstract of that experiment.

Effect of Diffused Thieves on Bacterial Bioaerosols

"Thieves, a commercial blend of five essential oils, was tested for its antibacterial activity against Micrococcus luteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus bioaerosols. An aerosol suspension of each bacterial culture was sprayed into a 0 4 m3 enclosed fume hood previously sterilized by ultraviolet light. Thieves essential oil blend was then diffused into the hood for a given time. Depositional sampling results showed a significant reduction (P<0.0001) in the aerosol-borne bacterial load after the oil blend was diffused.

Controls showed no inhibitory effect of oil that may have settled out on the exposed plate surfaces on bacterial depositional sampling. Inhibition levels appear to be organism specific. There was a 90% reduction in Micrococcus luteus bioaerosol, a 96% reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and a 44% reduction in Staphylococcus aureus bioaerosol following 10 minutes of exposure. Diffusion of the oil blend, Thieves, can significantly reduce the number of aerosol-borne bacteria and may have application in treating air in enclosed environments and preventing transmission of bacterial aerosol-borne pathogens."

Now what is exciting about this experiment is that all three bacteria are highly morbid. Doctors and hospitals are besides themselves on how to control these very strains. It is only a matter of time before this experiment and others like it, will reach it's full impact on the American medical community.

In the meantime, Thieves is readily available to health conscious consumers. Order it on-line CLICK HERE from Young Living Essential Oils, Inc. Properly diluted in a carrier oil, one bottle can easily care for an entire family for a month or more. Thieves may be applied undiluted on the soles of feet without fear of a sensitivity reaction. Applications made undiluted to other parts of the body should first be tested for sensitivity, before making a full application. When diffused, the duration time should not exceed 30 minutes, according to Gary Young.

New Product Report:

Thieves Toothpaste - Dentarome and Dentarome Plus


On the surface, who can get excited about a toothpaste? Well, once you know what's happening in your mouth and about the "bad stuff" most of us are using now to brush our teeth, you'll be happy to know about Thieves toothpaste, a new product soon to be released by Young Living Essential Oils, Inc.

Probably one of the most startling bits of information on commercial toothpastes is what goes into their formulation. Three ingredients, Sodium fluoride, Sorbitol and Sodium lauryl sulfate are the man-made chemicals in toothpaste that should give cause for concern.

Sodium fluoride is an active ingredient in most toothpastes which can place people at health risk if not carefully watched. By law, the concentration of Sodium fluoride cannot exceed 1000 ppm for adult and 500 ppm for children. if the concentration is higher than 1000 ppm, it might cause poison; and the fluoride ion might react with calcium ion and magnesium ion in the human body and cause low level calcium ion and magnesium ion in blood.

In some cases Sodium fluoride has caused heart and muscle problems. In some reports, it says: "If a child was to take a big spoonful of this fluoride and did get it down, it is poisonous and the child could die."

The ingredient Sorbitol is a liquid that keeps toothpaste from drying out. and Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient that makes toothpaste foam. However, both of them could be a laxative and cause diarrhea if they have been swallowed.

Most people are unaware of the new toothpaste labeling that will be seen soon on the boxes and back of tubes of toothpaste. Consumers will see nearly twice the warnings displayed. The new warning label required by the FDA starts with: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age." Obviously, commercial toothpastes are not as safe as we would think they are. If you have young children now using a commercial paste containing Sodium sulfate, they are at risk.

Thieves Toothpaste...

As you would expect from Young Living, all of the ingredients in Thieves toothpaste are from natural sources. And best of all, the active ingredient is the essential oil blend - Thieves. Other ingredients include Colloidal Silver, ionic mineral, birch and Stevia. Spearmint is also used for flavoring.

The constituents of essential oils in Thieves, thymol, eugenol and eucalyptal are documented to be antibacterial. These ingredients have retarded the development of plaque and reduced the severity of gingivitis and cavity. The constituents cinnamaldehyde, 1.8-cineole, thymol and eugenol are documented as antimicrobial agents in several scientific papers. There is no research reporting side effects.

Colloidal Silver is a pure, safe mineral element, and there are no known side effects. It can kill bacteria that cause gingivitis and other tooth infection. At only 3 ppm, colloidal silver already shows its antimicrobial activity. It is used as both a health agent and humectant in Thieves toothpaste.

Stevia is obtained from a plant and is 30 times sweeter than sugar but contains no calories. According to some research, stevia can inhibit the growth and reproduction of some bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

In controlled experiments, Thieves toothpaste was effective against 6 different common organisms that can cause oral infections, such as dental caries and periodontal diseases; Streptococcus oralis, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae,Streptococci sanguis, Bramunella catarrhalis and Candida albicans.

As more toothpaste is used, stronger antimicrobial is shown. Just 3 mg. shows very high antimicrobial ability. No one, not even the toothpaste giant, Crest, can make this kind of claim. This makes Thieves formula toothpaste far advanced of anything now on the market. Normal amount per use is 3 grams.

Young Living will offer two variations, Dentarom and DentaromPlus. DentaromPlus contains a stronger formulation and offers greater antimicrobial ability, partly because it uses more of the strengthening agents, thymol and eugnol.

Given an informed choice, people want a toothpaste that is safe and preventative. Young Living's Thieves Toothpaste is destined to become one of their most popular products.

Essential Oils Online - Oct. 1997
Published by LynnGroup Int'l


Opinions expressed here are those of individual contributors. This publication does not verify or endorse the claims of contributing writers. EOO does not endorse any one company or product, but we do endorse quality.

The information provided in EOO is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

THE ABOVE DISCLAIMER is made to protect the editor's gluteus maximus from the wrath of pharmaceutical and medical cartels protected by regulatory law. For what it's worth, Essential Oil related therapy predates the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration by at least 6,000 years. You decide!

PHARMACEUTICAL dispensed drugs are toxic failures not fit for human consumption. According to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), Prescribed drug-caused deaths rank 4th on the list of causes of death. 1994 statistics show 106,000 people died from unintended drug side-effects. This would be considered criminal by any other civilized standard.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., Medical Editor for "Health and Healing," estimates 18 million more people have survived toxic side effects from these same drugs prescribed by their doctors...Over 2 million of them were bad enough to be hospitalized in 1994 alone. Chemical Drugs and the so-called "health" system that promotes using them are part of the problem, not the solution.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own health, not the AMA, FDA or your physician. If your physician prescribes a drug for "treatment," ask him or her what known side-effects exist. If he or she downplays any risk, ask yourself this question... Is playing Russian roulette with drugs worth risking your life? It can and does happen ... 106,000 deaths every year!!


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