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Thieves Oil is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

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Tips to Prevent Infections by the MRSA Superbug
with Thieves Essential Oil Blend

1. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, paying close attention to the fingernail areas. Do not share personal items such as towels, washcloths, clothes, razors, that may have come into contact with an infected wound or bandage.

Young Living products to use:
2. Young Living’s R.C. essential oil blend

(mix a few drops in Epsom salts, stir together, then add to your bath water)
Young Living's Lemongrass and R.C. blend have been shown to kill MRSA very quickly. These essential oils can be used in the cold-air diffuser, or several drops in a spray bottle filled with water, or applied topically (always use a carrier oil when using Lemongrass as it can irritate skin, especially the tender young skin of children.)

Read more about the benefits of the
Thieves Product line

3. Diffuse Young Living essential oils.
If you or someone you know, is going into the hospital - get a cold-air diffuser and diffuse the Thieves essential oil blend or the R.C. essential oil blend in the room (Diffuse for 15 minutes every 2-4 hours. Try a light timer found at hardware stores).

Inner Defense with Thieves Oil blend 3. Keep your immune system strong
Thieves proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities.
It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.
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4. Buy therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils here! Learn more on “why” essential oils and essential oil enhanced products work differently than chemical manmade products…
Essential Oils - Human Cells and Plant Cells work synergistically
Essential Oils - Nature’s Antibacterial
  • Learn about “why” the quality of your essential oil is absolutely key for effectiveness…
  • 4 Grades of Essential Oils - how they differ and why you need to know the difference
  • Essential Oil Purity is a Living Thing
  • How Allergies are Acquired
Consider these facts, only 2% of the essential oils that are sold in the entire world are therapeutic-grade. Young Living “rejects” some 90% of the essential oils that come in from sources outside of Young Living's own farms and our own distilling. That means there is a lot of junk on the market and the chances of you finding the exact same quality in your health food store are near zero.

Read more about why therapeutic grade essential oils in your aromatherapy products is important… You need to weigh the facts and draw your own conclusions. I’m simply a messenger. Buy therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oil.

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