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Thieves Oil is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

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Thieves® Household Cleaner Tips

Thieves Cleaner Clean Rust and Calcium Build-up
Thieves® Household Cleaner is a great product, and I don't know why it's not the only household cleaning product sold on this planet! I was getting ready to put my house on the market and needed to clean my furnace from rust and calcium build-up due to my AC unit. I didn't have any type of rust-removing product and saw the bottle of Thieves. The results were remarkable. Not only did it remove the rust and calcium, it did so with little effort! It even worked on removing the rust from the concrete basement floor. I am pleased beyond words with this product and am finding more and more ways to use it! I love the fragrance and the fact that it's natural so I'm not inhaling toxic chemicals. Thanks for great products that make life better and healthier to live!”
- David Mate

Thieves Cleaner Clothing and Carpet Stains

“I have not found a strong all-purpose cleaner that works as well as Thieves® Household Cleaner. I used the Thieves cleaner to get out a huge NingXia Red® stain on a tan carpet that had been there for many weeks. It worked like a miracle. I couldn't even tell anything had been spilled. Since then, I have used diluted Thieves cleaner in a spray bottle to get out stains on all of my clothes.”
- Corinne Allen

Thieves Cleaner Tomato Sauce Stain

“I tried diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner on a plastic bowl stained with tomato sauce, and the stain came right out! I always keep a spray bottle of diluted Thieves cleaner under my kitchen sink and clean my entire house with nothing but that. I would never be without it and feel confident that when my grandbabies are crawling around on the floor, it is clean.”
- Kathy Heverin

Thieves Cleaner Garden Pests - GONE!

“I used Thieves® Household Cleaner (diluted) to rid my English ivy plant of tiny black bugs. It killed the tiny bugs but not my plant! Also, I got raspberry juice on my off-white pants and tried a prewash spot cleaner on them with no results. I thought of the diluted Thieves cleaner and sprayed it directly on the raspberry spots, and right before my eyes saw them disappear. I ask my husband to come watch before it was all gone so he could be my witness. I just love this stuff.”
- Joy Blanchard

Thieves Cleaner Clean Spotless Windows

“When I lived on the beach in south Florida, a professional window washer shared his 'secret formula' for cleaning windows with little effort: add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water along with three to four drops of dishwashing liquid. I use two capfuls of Thieves® Household Cleaner instead of the dishwashing liquid; the film dissolves like magic! I use a small towel to apply the liquid and a squeegee to clean it off. Floor-to-ceiling windows sparkle in minutes!”
- Frances Fuller

Thieves Cleaner Spotless White Boards

“I'm an elementary school teacher. I have white boards in my classroom, large ones mounted on the walls and also individual ones. I now use Thieves® Household Cleaner to keep them clean. Since it is not harmful, the class can actually clean the individual ones themselves! My first graders love it. I love the fact that there is no greasy residue, the tray for holding the dry erase markers wipes clean without smears, and I can breathe the air in my room after cleaning up. Life is so much easier with essential oil products.”
- Ruth Parker

Thieves Cleaner Glass Cleaner

“I have found a strange, yet very useful way to take advantage of Thieves® Household Cleaner. I keep a bottle of the very mild mixture (mixed for glass cleaning) around the house at all times for any surface cleanup. Then I tried this: I have a large dog who has a sloppy beard and chin. His face smells terrible after he eats or drinks. I simply spray some of the cleaner on a rag and give his chin a scrub and the odor is gone! Works like nothing I've ever found! He doesn't mind it either!”
- Samantha Whitener

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